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Why Not Use Buddy Bags? Your Trusted Turkey Oven Bags!

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With concerns about plastic bags and the chemicals that they contain, many people have been looking for a safe alternative that they can use for a number of different reasons. Today, Buddy Bags offers the answer thanks to their unique product.

Buddy Bags offer all-purpose home & garden bags that can be used for a number of different tasks. Crafted from nylon, each bag is 19” x 24.5” and can hold weights up to 25 lbs which make them the perfect size for many different uses.

How Can You Use Buddy Bags?

There are a number of things you can do with Buddy Bags as they make the perfect type of container for so many different needs.

  • Storage bags for dried Herbs, spices and goods.
  • Protect Herbs and goods from pesticide, fungicide, and other contamination.
  • Storage for liquid or soluble fertilizer.
  • Sterilize tools and utensils.
  • Great for cooking turkeys.

The bags themselves include a number of great features that make them desirable for those who want to avoid the issues that plastic bags can cause.

Odorless Shield: Prevents any odors from emanating out of the bag
Extra Strong Seams – For heavy duty uses, highly durable and puncture resistant. Contains up to 25 lbs. of liquid or solid weight.

  • BPA Free Food Grade Material: You can store food in the bag safely
  • FDA Approved: Passes all FDA requirements
  • Safe in oven up to 400 °F & Freezer to -100 °F
  • Made in the USA!

You get 100 bags with each order which can be used for all types of food storage and cooking situations. The bags themselves can be stored in a small area because they take up so little space.

Advantages of Buddy Bags

There are plenty of advantages for using Buddy Bags as they are strong, durable, and made from materials which make them safe to store a number of items.

Durable: Each bag has an extra strong seam to ensure no leakage. Plus, the bags themselves are puncture-resistant, and will last for a long time under normal use so you can store your food items in different conditions with no worries.

Water, Grease, and Oil Resistant: Because Buddy Bags are so resistant they make the perfect bags to use in the oven or freezer. You can trust that these bags will hold up and keep your food fresh under storage conditions as well as stay intact while in the oven.

Perfect for Harvested Crops & Herbs: You can store fresh produce, herbs, and other crops inside Buddy Bags with no worry as they are designed to keep the contents protected under different types of conditions. It’s little wonder that so many people use them in so many different situations.

Why Buddy Bags are Right for You

If you like to cook or store fresh food and herbs, then Buddy Bags are the right choice for you. They are safe, FDA approved, highly durable, and made in USA so you can feel comfortable ordering this remarkable product which you will use again and again. Their odorless shield will keep any smell from leaking in or out of the bag and because they are crafted from BPA free food grade material they will not contaminate the food or herbs being stored.

Buddy Bags also include free bag ties so that you can safely store food and other items inside the bags. If you are looking for an alternative to plastic bags that provide safe, long-lasting storage, then Buddy Bags are here for you.

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