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Why is Hydroponic Better than Soil

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There is an ongoing debate about hydroponics. People who feel that soil is the traditional way to grow plants are dedicated to the brown stuff for their plants. Advocates of hydroponics point out that it makes it easier for plants to grow in water than in soil, giving you better yields and less mess.

For indoor gardeners, hydroponics is an excellent way to give your plants all the nutrients they need without having to deal with soils, fertilizers, and replanting. In fact, replanting hydroponics is a matter of simply changing the water.

There are some rules that apply to both soil and hydroponic planting:

  1. Maintain the right temperatures. Too hot and the plants will burn. Not enough and your plants will go into hibernation and stop growing.
  2. Fresh water is a must. You will always want to have fresh water, either in your hydro system or soil. Standing water breeds bacteria and of course, too little water and nothing grows.
  3. Light is imperative. It is possible to give some plants too much light. Some plants and herbs require some darkness to grow properly. This allows the chlorophyll activities to relax long enough to let the plant grow and repair.

Don’t over-handle your plants. Some plants, like dill and tomatoes, are fragile, particularly when they are growing. Let them do their thing and you will end up with an excellent yield.
While there might not be any final answers to the hydroponics-soil debate, there is one thing that is vital - storage.

Once you have harvested your indoor herbs, you need to store them well. One of the most effective ways to do this is to use modern nylon bags a.k.a turkey bags. These bags allow the plants to stay fresh for months. The bags are strong enough to protect the plants and to prevent the plants from poking holes in the plastic.

One of the most important parts of your harvest is aromatics. These are the volatile oils that give each plant is a distinctive smell, taste, and medicinal properties. High-quality bags can keep those oils intact and healthy. Great storage bags, like Buddy Bags, will preserve all of your hard-earned agricultural gems for weeks and months.

Whether your indoor gardening experience comes from soil or hydroponics, you need to preserve your harvest well. The plan as well for your harvest as you do for your agriculture and you will be able to enjoy the fruits of your labors for months to come.

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