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Determine When To Harvest Your Herb Plant

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“When is the perfect time to harvest?” is the golden key that every grower must hold. You being here right now and reading this must be wondering the same thing. Well, to start, the saying “timing is important” holds true in this scenario because you can either harvest them too early, which will affect their yield and potency or too late, which will give you more CBD/CBN than THC.

Let’s start with the basics. One of the simplest ways to determine the ripeness of your herb is through examining the pistils or the Long Hairs that covers the flower. During its early stages, the appearance of the pistil will look like white threads which will turn orange as time goes by especially by the end of the flowering phase. Darker colored pistils mean it is time to harvest. In general, color change signifies maturity. However, this method is a tad bit unreliable because the change in color can vary from each type of herb; some might change color earlier which messes up the proper timing of the harvest.

So what’s a better method?

Well, I’m glad you asked! A better method would be examining the trichome. The trichome is the cradle of the THC, it is the resin gland that contains the desired THC. This sensitive gland is the star of this method and should be the focus of the grower.

Similar to the pistils, the trichome also changes colors as time goes by. The basic rule of this method is that the creamier or cloudier it is, the better. The reason is that when these trichomes are nearing their peak in the THC production, the plant still continues to produce resin in the glands which give them their translucent hue. So, if you notice that your herb’s trichome is changing its hue, even by just a bit, the herb is already losing some potency.

The appearance of the gland is somewhat difficult to investigate. For starters, the gland itself is quite small and would look similar to small crystals to the naked eye. Additionally, determining the cloudiness of the gland can also be challenging. Experienced growers even use 50x-100x magnifiers to carefully determine the state of the trichome to detect whether it is harvest time or not. As a grower, it might be a good idea to equip yourself with such tools to have better results.

Harvesting your herb is, without a doubt, one of the most exciting parts of being a grower as it is literally harvesting the fruit of your labor. This is why determining WHEN to harvest is just as important as the steps you took in growing your herb which means that neglecting even just one of it will affect your total yield and the total outcome of your herbs.

To summarize the two methods, looking at the pistil of the herb is the plain vanilla of determining the ripeness; when around 50% of the pistils starts to darken, harvest it. However, herbs change differently making it less reliable. The trichome method, on the other hand, is complicated but more reliable. The challenge here is determining the cloudiness of the gland. Purchasing a tool such as a magnifier can be a good investment because it will definitely help in determining the cloudiness of the resin gland which will ultimately give you better results.


Lighted Magnifying Loupe, 30 XLighted Magnifying Loupe

Active Eye Microscope, 100X

Active Eye Microscope, 100X

Active Eye Work Lights

Active Eye Work Lights

Active Eye Growroom Lenses

Active Eye Growroom Lenses

Black Lightning Gloves - 5.5 PH

Black Lightning Gloves, large, box of 100 gloves

Hydrometer / Thermometer


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