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Freeze No More With Buddy Bags - Plant Care

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Gardeners usually grow plants that can withstand typical weather. However, that is always not the case as erratic weather is now a common occurrence especially because of Global Warming. California has already reached freezing temperatures that exceeds anything normal. These unusually cold nights can put your crops at risk! The chances of your plants freezing gets dangerously high and such an event would definitely affect your harvest. Unexpected freezes can also devastate landscapes and gardens. It can leave a gardener wondering on what should be the proper response to avoid his or her plants from freezing.

When cold weather arrives, one might wonder “how much cold can a plant resist?”. The solution you seek might not just be the exact temperature. The reason for this is that each plant can withstand different levels of temperature. Some plants that have higher resistance to freezing are typically those who are capable of producing special hormones that can keep them from the cold. The citrus family is particularly sensitive to cold temperatures. An example would be evergreen shrubs. It is important to protect this particular plant because it does not go dormant during winter. That being said, plants have different ways with coping with the weather; a plant may shed all its leaves when frozen and plant can regrow from the stems or even the roots. So, while the leaves are not able to sustain the temperature, other parts of the plant can. Either way, one must always be prepared to protect plants from drastic weather changes..

There are several ways to protect tender plants from the cold. First and foremost, water the soil. Moist soil are better than dry soils because it retains heat during the day better. The next step should be is to insulate. Insulation is essential to protect your plants from extreme weather, and the best way to do this is to cover them before the cold seeps into the plant. One solution is to use a “Buddy Bag”. The Bags will act as an temporarily shield for the plant, thriving botanical items because it is both light and clear. The plant is still able to absorb sunlight throughout the day even if it is left inside the bag. Keep in mind that it is important to also provide ventilation for the plant. Frost can sour fruit or prevent abundant blossoms for the following year. Here in California, citrus trees can grow up to 20 ft tall, so the event of having a tree that is bigger the typical bag is quite common. If you were to find yourself in this situation, an alternative could be to wrap it in Buddy Bags! The easy-to-use Buddy Bag is made from the same, light, durable and clear material which makes it an effective remedy in keeping a large tree safe from any harm from the winter season. With proper care and attention, it is possible to grow a great garden despite the erratic weather and as it blooms, you will reap the rewards that you have rightfully earned throughout the season.

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