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CVault Container - Designed for Herb Curing & Storage

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Are you having trouble with keeping your herbs fresh and are looking for a great way to store them? Have no fear for an innovation in herb curing and storage has arrived. Whether you're a grower or a just a smoker, your herb will last longer, burn better, and taste better.  CVault is the ultimate storage solution to keep your herbs fresh and preserved. This revolutionary container is made from lightweight but durable stainless steel. The top design opening has a thick silicon ring which gives it a complete airtight seal.  The triple latch design locks the top onto the bottom providing extra lock on the airtight seal. On the underside of the top there is a specially designed Humidipak holder that allows your contents to stay extra fresh.

Now what’s unique about this container is that it houses a built in Humidipak holder. What is a Humidipak you say? This innovative Humidipak provides the world’s first two-way humidity control packet and was developed and patented by Boveda. The Humidipak is made from all natural elements like salt and water; and has no chemicals in it. These Humidipaks keep your herbs fresh by maintaining the perfect moisture levels of the plant which is perfect for curing.

CVault provides one of the most important aspects of harvesting herb, which is curing. So why cure? The process of curing promotes a slower decarboxylation of the plant. Decarboxylation is the process of when the herb “drops” a water molecule and slowly begins to convert its chemicals to THC. This process will increase the psychoactive properties of the herb, making it more potent. Curing also means that moisture levels will be consistent across the entire bud, which in turn would give a smoother smoke and a more even burn.

CVault is a scientific ingenuity that is designed to create the optimal environment for your herbs, controlling the air, light, and humidity perfectly. It maintains the essential oils, color, and texture of your herb. Just insert your buds, place the specially designed pocket for Humidity pack insert under the lid, and latch up the airtight container.  CVault is perfect for curing, maintaining or even revitalizing old herb.

This is the smartest and most simple way to experience the finest of products. Cvault is definitely like no other.

Humidity Packs

Humidity Packs

CVault Container

CVault Container

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