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Storing Herbs in Large Scale with Buddy Bags

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The storage of delicate herbs and keeping them fresh has seen many forms and variations over the years with containers. Various storage choices of medical herbs range from glass mason jars to stainless metal containers. The freshness of your medicine is crucial depends on how a collective is storing your medicine.  Also, depending on your choice of storing your herbs after you get it, will also be a factor. The potency and quality of your medicine can easily disappear into the thin air.  So are you having trouble with keeping your herbs fresh and can’t seem to find the perfect container for all those aromatic herbs? Well, worry no more, since Buddy Bag is here. This innovative product is portable, affordable, non-fragile, lightweight, flexible, and odorless. This is definitely the best choice for storing all of your goods.

After obtaining your prized flowers, you want to keep them as fresh and as potent for as long as you have it. Turkey bags are very versatile and are perfect for keeping your buds fresh. The bags offer nothing but top quality nylon and the bags non-permeable feature material would keep your herb fresh and odor free up to weeks. This special feature allows you to transport all those fresh goods with ease. You don’t have to worry about those pungent odors leaking out in public too. Turkey bags also come in different sizes so whether you’re a user or a grower, you can still use them without having to compromise. The quality of the nylon allows the user to repeatedly store their goods without worrying about it deteriorating.

In addition, a great way to keep your buds fresh inside the turkey bag is to add in a humidity (Boveda) pack. People often use a humidity pack to help control and regulate the moisture and temperature inside the bag. So it will keep your storage item in the bag fresh, and maintain it at that specific humidity. Moisture is a very important aspect when it comes to these herbs so the humidity pack is an essential accessory to produce the finest quality herbs.



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  • Buddy Bags Co Admin on

    Dear Neil,

    Thank you! We are all looking forward to that day. ? ? ?

    Never be a stranger, feel free to contact us at anytime. It’s our pleasure to serve you!

  • neil on

    Thanks for getting back to me, y’all!

    Glad to hear about the Turkey Bags (funny name). Other interesting, quality products on your website, too.

    Since I’m on N. Carolina, I certainly don’t have anything to put into a Turkey Bag. But one day, I will see what one of your special nylon bags look and feel like. Be nice to your trichomes and they’ll be nice to you.

    Just Legalize It,

  • Buddy Bags Co Admin on

    Dear Neil,

    Thank you for contacting us! The Turkey Bags actually retains odor and moisture better than the regular plastic, zip-lock bag. Of course, these bags are not made for long term storage, but we have heard our customers saying that our bags kept their product fresh after they have forgotten it in the safe for 2 months.

    As for our BPA-Free material, please refer to our blog post:

  • neil on

    Your competitor is the standard, plastic, zip-lock bag.

    How do your nylon bags compare for BPA content?

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