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The overall yield of your herb heavily depends on your timing on the harvest, it’s just as important as the actual growing process. Knowing where your herb is in its own development can be very tricky to the point that even advanced growers use the help of some tools when observing his/her plant. There is nothing to be intimidated though, the whole process just needs a bit of practice with the proper tools.

Here are two tried and tested ways to determine when it is the perfect time is to harvest your herb.

1.)    Pistils Method

The Pistil Method, just as the name implies, takes into account the pistils of the plant. The pistils are the string-looking things that can be observed growing on your plant. Early in its growth, these pistils will appear white but as your plant ages, these will change from white to orange to red and finally to brown. When the color of the pistil changes, it should be harvested soon.

However, plants have pistils that grows differently from each other making this method difficult to use and to master.

2.)    Trichome Method

The trichome method is the more reliable way to determine the growth of your plant. Again, as the name implies, it is the method where you observe the trichome of the plant. Home to THC, this resin gland is the focus of this method. Similar to the Pistils Method, the grower must watch out for any color changes. This time, however, it starts of as clear and later gets a creamy/cloudy hue. You know it’s time to harvest your plant when this gland gets that beautiful white-cloudy look. Be careful though. Any more color change to your plant would mean the weakening of its potency, so be sure to check it out constantly!

Now that you know the two methods, it should be easy to determine the harvest time, right? Well, not exactly.

As stated above, looking into these parts can be incredibly tricky, especially for a beginner and anyone who’s using nothing but his/her naked eye. Luckily, tools exists to help us growers be more precise with the timing. When looking into these really tiny indicators, magnifiers can be used to, well, magnify the parts to make it easier for us to observe. There are many out there, but the best one is Active Eye Lighted Loupe, 30x with Illuminator. This small but impressive tool can provide great DOF and FOV to help us growers determine where exactly the plant is in its development; observing with this tool will give you the best yield you can get from your plant. Too dark? The Active Eye Microscope, 40x Microscope comes with lighted ring LED illuminators to give you a better look at your herb. Too blurry? The Active Eye Microscope, 60x-100 Microscope also includes a feature where you can adjust the focus, giving you the edge you need in investigating and determining the growth stage of your plant.

Knowing the timing of the harvest is one of the marks of being a great grower. Needless to say, practice makes perfect, but luckily there are tools to help us achieve better results. If you’re having a hard time looking at the small indicators, try investing on Active Eye Lighted Loupe, 30x, it’s definitely worth your money.

Lighted Magnifying Loupe, 30 XLighted Magnifying Loupe

Active Eye Microscope, 100X

Active Eye Microscope, 100X

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