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Well, if you are gardening outdoors, you certainly won’t stare at the sun all the time, and it is similar to how you grow indoors. Growing in your grow room requires artificial radiance such as the use high powered sodium lamps, LED lights, and other lighting materials. These gadgets provide a lot of ultraviolet and infrared radiation which can be very harmful to one’s eyesight. Looking at these lamps is like staring at the sun and we all know that doing that is very dangerous. So in order to prevent the destruction of your eyesight, grow room glasses are the best way to protect your eyes.
Whether you are a professional grower, a serious grower, or just an indoor grower for fun; grow room glasses are special safety goggles built specifically for people who work closely with grow lights that produce ultraviolet or infrared radiation on a daily basis. Prolonged exposure to these grow lights can lead to permanent loss of perception; it can mess up your night vision, and also give you cataract. Ultraviolet (UV) light is crucial to a plant’s growth cycle, and energy from the sun gives plenty of UV radiation for the plants on earth. The use of artificial LED lights to grow plants indoors has become a mainstream method due to its ability to mimic the sun, which produces ultraviolet light. LED grow lights that produce UV light like outdoors are very similar to regular sunlight to stimulate the healthy growth of plants. While UV is great for plants, it can be harmful to humans after long-term exposure. It is definitely a no-brainer to realize that you should protect yourselves from excessive ultraviolet radiation exposure, by using grow room glasses.
Now you are probably thinking, “Why not just buy a nice pair of shades?” Well, a nice pair of shades will filter out most of the UV radiation and protect your eyes, but there is a special form of UV radiation that can penetrate normal sunglasses. Daylight has UVA, UVB, and UVC radiation in it from the sun and the ozone layer effectively filters out these radiations outdoors so sunglasses manufacturers do not concern themselves with added filters. In a grow room, however, LED and high powered sodium (HPS) bulbs crank out a lot of UVC radiation which is very unhealthy for the eyes. That is why grow room glasses manufacturers add several special coatings to provide the ideal protection against those radiations. The industry has several great choices of safety grow room glasses, with different styles that serve both functional and fashionable.

Here are some criteria on which you can base on when choosing a nice pair of growing room glasses:

· Ultraviolet protection – glasses that filter UVA, UVB, and UVC radiations.

· Infrared protection – lenses that also filter out infrared radiation for added protection.
· Comfort – make sure they fit well and the material doesn’t make you itch when you wear it.
· Lens quality – a well-manufactured lens will not easily fog, thus will not be a burden to you when you are working.
· Sturdiness – goggles that offer not only protection from radiation but also protection from foreign objects.
· Gradient – the darkness of the tint is very important for you to see clearly.
· Design – lastly, a great looking pair will make you look like the coolest grower in town.


Active Eye Growroom Lenses

Active Eye Growroom Lenses

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