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Chopping Down Your Plant

Gardening Tips

You have probably been waiting for this moment for a long time, but now the wait is over. It is time to harvest your precious plant. This is not only the most anticipated and beautiful moment, but also one of the most important for timing is everything when harvesting your plant because a slight mistake can drastically change the quality of the final product.
So before we harvest, let’s recap some of the most important elements in producing the best of results.

1. Flushing
As your plants approach the ripening phase, giving it one final flush would prepare it for the upcoming harvest. Flush them around one or two days before harvesting and leave your plants to dry for the last 24 hours. The flushing method can be either a single flush or a two-step method. This depends on the amount of fertilizer that you applied previously for the last two weeks of gardening. This final flush would ensure that your plant will slowly dehydrate as they approach being harvested. A dryer plant would also mean a higher resin production.

2. Drying
After a good flush, the next step is to dry your plants. Drying is very simple but also very important. The principle of drying is that the production of resin will increase due to dry air, thus increasing the potency of your plant. By lowering the humidity of your grow room on the last night before harvest, the resin production would definitely increase. In addition, subjecting your plants for prolonged dark periods for up to 24 hours before chopping them down would give a huge increase in resin production. So just yet your plants relax and wait for the right time to harvest.

3. Observation
The last step before harvesting your plant is observing whether or not they are ready. The simplest way to observe is to the naked eye. When you look on top of the buds, you will see large hairs called pistils. You can tell when you plant is ready for harvest through its colors. These pistils usually change from a milky white color to an orange or golden color depending on the strain. Each strain is slightly different, but they are mostly white to orange or gold. Around 80% of the pistils have changed in color when they are ready for harvest.

On the other hand, a highly preferred and recommended method for assessing you plant is through a microscope. This method is far more accurate and reliable than just relying on the naked eye. By using a microscope, it is possible to view the tiny crystals on the buds of the plant. These crystals around the young plant will look translucent and as the plant grows, the crystals will also get larger. They will turn from a translucent milky white to an amber color. The timing of your harvest will determine the final quality of your plant. A microscope cannot be recommended enough. Nothing comes worse than realizing that you have harvested your plant too early or too late. You really cannot go back after you have harvested your plant so make sure that you have timed your harvest correctly. You won’t get the perfect harvest the first few times but always remember that through experience and time, you will be able to produce the finest products in town.

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