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The Drying Rack

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Drying your plants should never be neglected. It is an incredibly important step and it should not be taken lightly. For a process that takes place after the growing stage, drying actually affects the outcome of your herb quite heavily, if you do it wrong, it will affect the taste and the feel of your herb.

Want to know more about drying? To start, herbs dry the best under these conditions:

1. Temperature of 70ºF - 75ºF.
2. Humidity levels around 46% - 55%.
Aside from these, your buds should not contain the following:
1. Molds
2. Pests
3. Fungi
4. Other pollutants such as dust and dirt

A Light breeze from a fan should also be present and no direct light should affect the plants to be dried.
Now that you have the correct set-up for the environment of the plant, let’s take a quick look in a specific scenario:Let’s say you have a batch that needs to be dried and you also have a batch of crops that are very near the end of its growing stage. The first batch that is drying might still be “wet” while the next batch is becoming overdue.
Time is needed to dry your herb. Time, like for the most of us, is extremely precious and should be used wisely. In terms of drying your plant, time will also play a huge role especially if you’re short on it. As you can see that in the scenario above, time is extremely important as it can affect your crops and the crops after it!

With this in mind, the proper get around on this problem is to somewhat accelerate the drying process. In order to do this, the best approach is the dry rack method. In this method, drying racks are used by your buds to dry. This is a good alternative to hanging drying especially if you’re short on time compared to the hanging method.
As stated above, if you’re in a situation where you need time, the best method to use is the dry rack method. If you’re unsure on what rack to use then you’re in luck! Advanced Nutrients Quick Cure Drying Rack is the perfect product for you!

What is Advanced Nutrients Quick Cure Drying Rack? To start, it’s a stackable rack that promotes faster drying for your buds. It uses durable non-toxic nylon for its supports to allow you to hang the rack anywhere! The rack itself is also adjustable in length to suit your needs and the needs of your plants. This means that the rack can be used anywhere conveniently!The durable and breathable mesh material also keeps your plants safe from any other pests or fungus that may invade a drying space. It also keeps your plants safe and intact inside, meaning you won’t have to worry about dropping any precious parts in the drying process. Additionally, this rack comes in with a bag which can also be used later for storage when you are done drying your plants.
Once you have the perfect environment together with Advanced Nutrients Quick Cure Drying Rack, your plants are in good hands. The environment and the drying rack will both work together to bring in the best quality yield that you can achieve with the shorter amount of time that you have.

w/Zipper, 2 ft, Flippable


Rack w/Clips, 2 ft

w/Clips, 3 ft

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