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Super Cropping - Push it to the Limit!

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Aside from the nutrients and the environment that you give your plants, did you know that you can do something else to encourage growth? For us humans, what can push us to our limits? Well for some, they might fall in love and be inspired while some may be forced to grow because they are placed in a difficult situation. Unfortunately, we can’t make a plant fall in love with another plant and encourage it to grow which leaves us with putting them in stressful situations. You read that right! You can actually stress out your plant in order for it to grow!

Subjecting your plants in a controlled stressful situation can push it to their limit and give you a yield that is quite plentiful. There are actually a lot of methods but for this article, we are going to focus on Super Cropping.
Super Cropping is a “high-level” kind of stress because this kind of stress is mainly used on bigger, more mature plants. The main idea of Super Cropping is to break a part of a stem of the mature plant so that the nutrients can rush to the top part and create a new “top”.

We know you’re excited so let’s get right to it! Here are the steps in Super Cropping your plant:

Step 1: Check if your plant is ready
As stated above, super cropping is a “high-level” kind of stress and can be only done to more mature plants. In general, any plants that have through the sapling phase which is around 3-4 weeks old.

Step 2: Determine the points on the stem
Stems that you want to put under stress are the soft, green ones not the hard and brown ones. After finding the stem, somewhere around the 2nd node should be the point that you want to apply pressure to.
Step 3: Apply the pressure

After choosing where to apply the pressure, the next step is natural to apply the pressure on it. There are a few variations you can do when applying the pressure:
1. Normal Bending
In this method, you just simply bend the stem similarly to how you bend a straw. You can either use both hands or one, just make sure to do it gently.
2. Twist Motion Bending
In this method, you twist the stem towards a direction slowly until you hear a snapping sound. This may require some practice but you get to be more careful this way.
Bend the stem enough and you will hear a snapping sound. When applying the pressure, make sure to do it in a gentle but firm way. Additionally, you bend it towards the direction that you want the plant to grow. In general, the appearance of the stem should look like as if you bent a straight straw; on the area where you bent it, there should be a “V” looking knuckle.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you don’t sever any parts of the stem, just break it enough for it to bend. You’re not supposed to kill it, the whole stem you’re breaking needs to be attached to the plant.

Step 4: Wait
Now that you have successfully Super Cropped your plant, the next step is to wait. Like most plants, it will take time for the bent part of the stem to heal. With the broken stem, your plant actually gets confused and thinks it has no “top”. Nutrients then rush upwards in order to create a new top and to heal the broken stem.
After a few days, you might notice a discoloration on the area where you snapped the step. Do not fret as this is actually a sign of healing!

And you’re done! Super Cropping is a tried and tested method that most growers do in order to increase their yields. With proper practice and enough knowledge, a grower will eventually able to do it perfectly which will ultimately increase his/her yield for every harvest time! If you decide to try it for yourself, try doing it on a “dummy” or a trial one before the actual ones so that you have a feel of what you’re doing and to avoid accidentally killing your plant.

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