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Curing Technique - Burping

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You’re almost there! Just a few more steps before truly reaping the rewards of all your hard work, so it’s better to make sure that you’re not missing a step for the perfect outcome!

After all the drying, keeping them in jars is the next step. A common mistake that rookie growers often commit is that after they keep it in jars, they simply wait for the process to finish. In reality, the curing process will not be complete if you forget to “burp” the jars that they are in. In general, burping is the term used when releasing some moisture in the jar caused by the plant and the air around it.

As stated above, burping is releasing the moisture inside the jars which is quite important. Not only will it affect the taste, texture and the overall feel of your herb, it is also an important precaution to fungi growing on your plant. The moisture level should be observed and should be at a proper level or percentage in order to improve the taste and also to avoid any accidents especially since it’s very close to completion.
How can you burp your jars? Well, burping your jars is actually quite simple, you just simply open the lid and let the air inside go out and let some fresh air go in. The more difficult part, however, is knowing when to do this.

The moisture level inside the jar is actually relevant to the timing of the burping; it’s actually the indicator to when you should open your jars. Some experts can actually tell when it’s time to burp but for a beginner or even an intermediate grower, tools such as a hygrometer can be used. A hygrometer is simply a tool to measure the % of moisture (RH) present in an environment. Using a hygrometer inside the jar, you can then tell what the moisture level inside thus giving you the edge that you need in timing your burp.

So, what percentage is too much moisture?

In general, 70% moisture level is too high for the buds. If you have a 70% RH level (moisture level), you might want to get the nuggets and place it outside for a while (around half a day). If the RH level is at 65% above, it’s still high but not as quite making just opening the lid enough to remove some moisture. 60%-65% is a good level and your plants should be curing itself in this environment, however, it may grow up to the level wherein you will need to open the lid so it’s still best to watch out for it. The best level, in general, would be from 55% RH level to 60%. In situations like this, you can opt to actually leave your jar alone with the lid closed for long periods of time (around 3 months plus). Below 55% the environment of the plant is too low, you wouldn’t want to put your plants below this level as it will be difficult to restart the whole curing process of your plants.

Again, you are almost there. This is no time to be lazy, make sure that all the steps needed are taken care off. There should be no room in your book for skipping some steps or even half-stepping some of it because it will definitely affect the overall yield of your crops.


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