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Wearing Gloves

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Your herbs are calling and it’s time to suit up! Doing garden work is no easy task, various sharp tools, sticky plant secretions and harmful chemicals are in play every time the grower does work in his/her garden. While technique and experience can lessen the hazards in the garden, the proper equipment can really help in making the whole process safer, cleaner and easier.

For sure most of the work in your garden will be done using your hands and therefore, one of the most vulnerable ones. Since they are one of the most vulnerable ones, their protection must come as a priority for any growers! For this reason, let’s talk about gloves.

It may seem obvious that gloves are the proper way to protect your hands when using them together with materials that can do harm. There are many kinds of gloves that one can use when gardening but in this article, we will focus more on Nitrile Gloves.

So, what is Nitrile Gloves? From the name itself, Nitrile Gloves are made from nitrile which is a synthetic rubber copolymer and is often compared to latex-made gloves. In terms of reliability, nitrile gloves are pretty sturdy and is known to perform better in protecting itself from any punctures that may happen during an activity. This actually makes the gloves medical grade which ensures the sturdiness and the reliability. The nitrile gloves also reduces the amount that the wearer can sweat in it, making this special feature for people who doesn’t like to get their hands sweaty!

Aside from its reliability to be sturdy, nitrile gloves are also the ideal substitute to anyone who have problems with latex rubber. Anyone who is allergic to latex and the powder inside may opt to go for nitrile gloves instead as it does not contain any allergy-causing rubber. Additionally, Nitrile gloves have a pH of 5.5 which matches the skin’s pH level. This will ensure a comfortable, quality fit for any wearer!

When it comes to your plants, some situations may not be avoidable if you favor not wearing gloves. For example, getting sticky resins stuck to your hands will always happen when harvesting your plants. These resins are actually quite difficult to remove and can be very annoying. Nitrile gloves can actually reduce this annoyance because of its specialized rubber texture. Another example of a hazard during gardening is the presence of harmful chemicals such as Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2). This chemical can actually irritate your hands when spilled, you may experience some discoloration and an itch may occur. While this does not seem very dangerous, it’s still a hazard which must be avoided in the workplace! Additionally, you will have to remedy it with ointments which might take time and extra money.

To sum things up, here are the benefits of using nitrite gloves when working on your garden:

-          Sturdier and resistant to punctures

-          Does not contain allergy-causing material

-          Keeps hands fresh inside the glove

-          Matches pH of skin for a comfortable use

-          Protects your hands from outside hazards

Well, there you have it! Having the proper equipment for the job can help you more than you can imagine. Remember, prevention is often better than a remedy, suiting up to protect yourself is always a great investment in any type of work!

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