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Trimming with the Right Tools

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After all your hard work in growing your plant, making sure you gave the right nutrients to making sure that their environment is on point all the time, it’s finally their time to shine! But first, a proper trimming session must take place!

In general, trimming is the process of removing excess leaves on your buds before or after drying. Sounds easy right? Well, trimming your buds no laughing matter and it is much more important than you think. People take it very seriously to the point that there are actually professional trimmers! Big dispensaries actually hire them to trim their buds perfectly and they are paid quite handsomely!

What does trimming even do for you? Here’s a short list of what it can actually do for you AND your bud.

1. Trimmed buds taste differently
You read that right! Trimming your buds will change the flavor and the feel when smoked. The reason behind this is that the leaves, when smoked together with the buds, adds a degree of harshness to the throat of the user. Generally an unpleasant feeling, you may want to avoid this.

2. Trimmed buds look better
Aside from the taste, trimmed buds look better than messy, untrimmed ones! The commercial ones that are readily available are usually manicured or trimmed. This means that trimming your buds gives it a more professional look!

3. Trimmed buds give a better high
Yes, trimmed buds are generally better than untrimmed ones when it comes to the good stuff. The reason behind this is that if the bud is untrimmed, leaves tend to go together with the buds when used. The leaves actually have lesser THC concentration than the actual buds which will ultimately give less of that high-feeling.
Now that we know why it’s important, the next step is to know how to trim your own buds. Luckily for us growers, there are tools on the market readily available to help us achieve the goal of trimming our buds.

When it comes to the blade that you’re going to use in trimming, it’s very important for you to get the good quality ones. You may get tempted to opt for the cheaper ones but in this case, buying cheaper is more expensive.

With that said, here are the recommended blades to use when trimming:

1. Fiskars So tough Micro-Tip Pruning Scissors
These pruning scissors are made with stainless steel and titanium which ensures quality cut and a sturdy body. Additionally, the titanium aspect of the scissors also keeps it sharp for long periods of time. Springs are also used to make it easier for the hands of the grower.

2. Hydrofarm Precision Curved Blade Pruners
Similar to Fiskars, it is also made with stainless steel and titanium. The titanium coating adds strength and durability to the tool while the curved blade tip makes it easy for any grower to trim more precisely. It also utilizes a spring to make it more comfortable to the hands of the growers. The blade itself also keeps itself sharp for long periods of time making this one of the favored pruners.

3. Hydrofarm 60mm Bonsai Shears
Without a spring, the tool tends to be rough to the hand and can leave sticky resins on the blade which slows down the whole trimming process. However, this shear is quite lightweight and small making it easier for growers who are on the go.

Now is not the time to be lazy. As stated above, trimming your buds will have an impact on the end product so make sure to equip yourself with the best tools to do the job! We’re sure that you’ll pat yourself on the back for doing the job and getting a feel of the actual difference if you decide to skip this step!


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