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The Trim Tray

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Trimming your herb can be quite daunting and exhausting especially if you, the grower, have had a bad experience with the process. Usual complaints when trimming plants or flowers would include the mess it can make, the posture that it forces the trimmer to be in and the wasted pollen. If you’ve tried trimming your herb and experienced any of these three then you’re in luck! The solution for all these woes comes in the form of the Trim Tray!

The Trim Tray is exactly that, a tray that is specifically designed to be used when trimming your herb. What makes it special is the whole design of the product, the creators have carefully included all our pains and designed a tray that can solve all of it!
Firstly, the Trim Tray provides a wide working space for the user. Trimming makes a huge mess and is hard to clean if left unchecked. The Trim Tray has more than enough space for your trimming session to make sure that no precious parts fall over! This will also mean that you can save time because there is no mess to be cleaned!

The Trim Tray is also ergonomically designed to work on your lap or on any flat surface such as a table. If you’re suffering from bad posture during trimming then you can use the Trim Tray on your lap or on a tabletop and we guarantee that you will feel no discomfort whatsoever!

The Tray also includes different layers to help filter out small particles. A common problem is that some growers are not being able to collect the pollen when trimming.This feather-light trimming board separates any pollen that can be gathered by using micron screens to help filter out the goods! The Trim Tray can come with different kinds of micron screens.These screens are patterned in a special way (mesh pattern) so that it can easily collect pollen from your plant when you are trimming it.
The Trim Tray is also designed to be used as a shake-type of tray if you are using it to sift out some particles. Simply move the product side-to-side with the intended object on top of the screen.

As mentioned above, the Trim Tray is as light as a feather. However, the Tray is made with stainless steel which promotes quite the protection making it very durable capable of keeping itself safe from any small accidents. It also comes with a foam non-slip base to keep the tray in place. This aims to avoid possible disastrous accidents as some trays are easily knocked over (Imagine all the contents spilling making quite the mess on top of losing some of your buds and pollen! Yikes!). Additionally, the foam also adds some comfort which is very useful for those long trimming sessions.

Finally, we have the solution that we need! Trimming is no easy task and should be paired with the proper tools to achieve the best results. The Trim Tray is here to help us growers achieve the best results with its multi-functional design!



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