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Taking Care of your Cutting Tools

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You may hear that a sword is simply an extension of one’s arm and that the sword is just as good as the wielder. As a grower, your cutting tools are your sword, it is an extension of your arm when you use them for trimming and is also equally important as you are. What we’re trying to say here is that proper care for your tools are quite relevant when it comes to the performance of both the tool and the wielder. It may sound a chore, but we really can’t stress enough the importance of it. If you’re curious as to why you should clean your tools then keep on reading!

Cutting tools such as shears, pruners or scissors often work best when clean but did you know that there are other reasons why you should clean them? Here’s a short list of why you should clean them:

1. Dirty cutting tools are duller than clean ones
Any cutting tool that may have some parts of a plant lodged in between their blades are naturally duller. The reason behind this is that the extra gunk on the blade may cover the sharp area of the blade. Additionally, the gunk can block certain parts of the tool (such as the spring) which will affect the performance of it.

2. Dirty cutting tools are susceptible to rusting
If your cutting tool is covered with gunk, they are susceptible to rusting because of the possible moisture that the gunk may contain. Keeping them dry is important so that the oxidization process does not happen on the blades themselves

3. Infection may spread
If you use your cutting tools on infected plants, the infection will definitely stay on the blade. If you neglect cleaning it and you use it on another plant, the infection would most probably spread which will ultimately ruin your crops.

As you can see, cleaning your tools is crucial to a lot of things. Neglecting to do so can affect the overall growth of your crops and will definitely affect your performance. With that said, the next question would be how to clean your cutting tools. Luckily for us, there are products that we can use to help us clean (and disinfect) them perfectly!
First up, we have CAN-A-WIPES Cleaning Wipes. This product is not only great for cleaning anything on any surface, it also very convenient to use because it comes in as “wipes’. This ready-to-use product does not require water for it to be effective. In fact, the grower can just simply wipe the intended target and dispose of the wipe.Additionally, while this product is tough on dirt, it’s very easy in the hands of the user. It actually contains four skin conditioners to ensure your hands are taken care of!

Next, we have Sap Off Soap (SOS). If you’re looking for the powerful liquid soap to remove sticky, unwanted resins gathered from trimming, then this is the soap for you! Sap Off Soap (SOS) is designed specifically to target resins, oils, saps and even ink on any surface such as your hands, your tools and much more!

Lastly, we have Trim Fast Blade Lubricant. This food-grade lubricant works best on shears, pruners, and other cutting tools. The lubricant also enhances the performance of your blades as it makes it possible for the blade to move more smoothly which enhances the cutting capability of the tool. Additionally, Trim Fast Blade Lubricant includes a sterilizer which dissipates quite fast. This sterilizes the blade which effectively reduces the risk of infection when trimming plants.

Cleaning your cutting tools is, without a doubt, a must for every grower. With the help of these three great cleaning products, you have ensured that your tools are safe from rust, resin, oils and much more! Your tools will also stay sharp and effective for longer periods of time and are sure to be sterile. All of these will give you, the grower, an easier time trimming and ultimately a bigger, better yield in the end!  

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