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Carbon Dioxide in a Grow Space

Gardening Tips

As you may know, carbon dioxide or CO2 is one of the most important components in the photosynthesis process of a plant. Together with light and water, energy is created which is used by the plant for its daily work. Needless to say, carbon dioxide should not be overlooked when growing plants.
Supplementing carbon dioxide was previously quite expensive but now, together with new technologies, supplementing your grow room with carbon dioxide is a lot cheaper and easier. Why would you want to give your plants some extra CO2? Well, to make it simple, having certain levels of carbon dioxide in a grow space can be very beneficial to the growth of the plant. If your plants are exposed to a good amount of carbon dioxide, they will definitely benefit from it and ultimately you, the grower, as well.
First, here’s a bit of a tip if you’re planning to supplement your plants with good ol’ CO2. Carbon dioxide is heavier than oxygen which means it naturally goes down. With that said, having your plants placed below the source for carbon dioxide is an ideal situation. However, most grow spaces include some kind of ventilation system to remove any problems regarding the temperature and humidity. If your grow space has a ventilation system, make sure that the Carbon dioxide source is away from any pathways that can remove the air. An example of this is simply letting fresh air in. Since hot air rises, it can bring the carbon dioxide along with it and if you let fresh air in, the hot air, together now with the hot carbon dioxide, goes out. In this scenario, the carbon dioxide may not have even reached your plants yet which is obviously what you don’t want to happen. To remedy this, simply put the source above the plant but away from anything that can ‘suck’ or push the carbon dioxide out.
The next thing to think about is the various plant stages that your plants will have. If you’re thinking of supplementing your plants with carbon dioxide, make sure that you know how much they are able to take without damaging itself. This varies between stages so it’s very important to know what stage your plants are in and how much it can take. Here’s a quick guide to help you out!
Clones or cutting Stage: low to medium levels of carbon dioxide is enough. In general, around 800-1000 ppm is a safe level. They will root faster and will grow faster in this level (assuming everything else is provided).
Vegetative Stage: Carbon dioxide levels of 1200-1500 ppm will lead to vigorous growth which will lead to bigger yields!
Flowering Stage: Similar to the vegetative stage, a carbon dioxide level of 1200-1500 ppm will help increase the size of the flower which helps in giving you a better outcome.
To sum it all up, Carbon Dioxide is really an important part of the plant. Growers like you can opt to provide extra carbon dioxide in their grow space to encourage better growth from the plant.

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