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Controlling Your Growroom

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Truth be told, we can’t always rely on our senses when growing hydroponically. Sure, we can tell the difference between 40% humidity and 80% humidity or maybe the temperature of our room, but how about between 45% and 60% or the temperature when we are asleep? How accurate can our telling really be?

As you may know, gardeners have a lot of power in the garden and a misuse or a simple mistake can cause your crops to wilt and die. Thus, human error and the uncertainty are often the causes for the growing process to go awry. It is actually this reason that controllers are created; with the help of technology, watching over the plant becomes mechanical and automated which makes the whole growing process a lot more precise and convenient!

So what are these controllers and how can it help you in your gardening? Controllers are actually quite common and the possibility of you owning one is almost 100%. For example, lawn sprinklers, alarm clocks, timers, thermostats are actually controllers in your home and they exist to make your lives easier.

Single-Purpose Controllers
From the name itself, single-purpose controllers have one use most of the time. In the hydroponic scene, thermostats, humidistats, CO2 controller are some of the examples and these things can actually help you greatly. When choosing a unit to use, do consider the electrical rating. A cheap timer on a big box can definitely create a safety hazard for both you and the plants. Spending more money is a lot safer and cheaper considering that you get to save you plants from the chance of killing them. On the other hand, small devices can be used in tandem with cheaper controllers as most of the time these devices require smaller amounts of electricity to operate. If you are unsure on what to buy, asking a knowledgeable salesperson can be of immense help.

Thermostats, one of the examples of a single-purpose controller, can often be used together with an outlet and other devices such as air conditioners, ventilation fans, oscillating fans etc. This method will definitely come in handy when it comes to the seasons that greatly changes temperature, namely winter and summer. For example, plugging your ventilation fan on an outlet with a thermostat can help program the equipment to operate in terms of the temperature. In this example, if the room hits a specific heat level, the fans will activate to let some of the heat out, effectively reducing the heat in the room. Inversely, if the heat level reaches a specified low level, the fans will turn off to let the room get heated up again. As you can imagine, this automation will definitely save you time and money and ultimately will save your plants and their yields.

Multi-Purpose Controllers
Again, from what the name implies, multi-purpose controllers have more than one use. It can range from having two uses to eight uses, and most of the time it varies with the price tag it comes with. Cheaper ones and with fewer features often includes knobs which allow the user to switch modes while more expensive ones often come with touchscreens and the option to connect the device with a laptop or any devices similar to it. Usually, multi-purpose controllers are used when it facilitates major operations as it is definitely easier to control all of them using only 1 single laptop compared to using a lot of single-purpose controllers and are usually quite more expensive.

Similar to single-purpose controllers, multi-purpose controllers exists and is popular because of the accuracy and convenience it gives to the user. However, as stated above, they are usually quite more expensive and are usually used for bigger operations. So, if you’re wondering which one is the best for your garden, consider these: Do I have a big garden? Is this just a small hobby or do I do this for a living? How many equipment do I have? How much budget do I have? Am I ready to commit such a budget? These questions can help you determine where you are right now and which set of controllers you are going to use!

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