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It’s really an inconvenient truth – we’re finishing off the arable land that we have on this earth while the world’s population in steadily increasing. We’re actually expected to hit a whopping 9.5 billion by year 2050! Not only will this spur new problems in terms of space, but also the actual stock or resources that will demand will increase dramatically.Additionally, we’ve been having erratic or just plain weird weather lately and this, of course, does no help whatsoever in terms of growing plants either indoors or outdoors. On the bright side, however, there’s a pretty good silver lining about this. Whenever faced with a serious problem, some answers comes up and most of them are pretty innovative and creative. People from around the world are coming up with new ideas as to where plants can be grown! Here are some of the ideas that have surfaced.
Wall Garden
A walled garden, from the name itself, uses the wall to grow plants. This is quite common and you may have already seen one for yourself. Using steel as the plates for the plants to grow (and soil or other mediums, of course) on the sides of tall skyscrapers is one of the ways to combat these doom and gloom stories. Not only do they look quite beautiful in the urban area, they also serve as places to grow potential produce in. Although admittedly, even though that this type of garden needs a lot of improvement, it’s still a great start!
Roof Garden
Growing in urban areas calls for maximizing what you have. Roof Gardens are one of the examples of that thinking; roofs are generally big and their space can be used for a garden. Companies such as Gotham Greens is one of the leading companies in terms of hydroponic gardening in the urban setting. They actually have a functioning roof garden that produces a huge variety of plants and fruits! Based on their estimates, they can actually produce 200 tons of leafy vegetables and fruits annually! With a good example already nicely set up, roof gardens is definitely a good possibility in combatting the drainage of our arable lands.
Vertical Gardening
Similar to roof gardens, growers of this innovation are still “looking up” for answers. Quite literally, growers who use vertical gardening are growing plants vertically or upwards! One great example of vertical gardening is Singapore. As you may know, Singapore is not very large and their arable land is definitely not enough for its inhabitants. With this problem in mind, they looked upward and saw the opportunity to grow vertically, and they did! One of the first successful vertical farms or gardens is created by a company called Sky Greens. It employs the use of hydraulic, water-powered vertical system to control the environment for the plants around 30 ft. high! One of these towers has a footprint of about 60 ft. and it contains about 22-26 ecosystems. Since the weather is relatively warm and not so erratic, temperature and climate are not that much of an issue. Additionally, to reduce energy costs, the company uses a gravity-assisted water system!
Personal Garden
Going back firmly on the ground once again, one practical place to have a garden in the urban areas is just “around the corner”. Having a personal garden that produces vegetables is one of the creative solutions that people employs to both save up money and to have a reliable supply of leafy greens. With technologies that we have today (such as LED lights customized for hydroponic uses), having your own personal garden is very possible!
Floating on Water
Here’s something that may sound futuristic: growing plants on the ocean. No, not aquaponics or hydroponics, we’re talking about having an actual structure that is situated in the ocean. This structure uses the ocean (or other bodies of water) as a resource. A company called Studiomobile came up with the prototype which aims to deliver fresh produce in areas where arable lands are scarce. The Jellyfish Barge is thus created and is currently providing 753 sq. ft. of “land” that crops can grow in!
If you liked the last one, then you’ll love this! Have you ever heard of underwater gardening? Quite literally, Nemo’s Garden grows a plant under deep waters! The project has 5 biospheres right by the Italian coast which are essentially greenhouses underwater. Just imagine, the tomato that you will be eating could have been grown beside a whale territory!
In Space
The next one we have sounds like it came out from a sci-fi movie. Growing plants in space (in actual outer space) is actually one of the projects that NASA has already confirmed! They said that they plan to create a greenhouse on planet Mars in the year 2021. Sounds taken from a movie indeed!
Human imagination and innovation are certainly limitless. We hope you enjoyed reading some of the most creative ways that can help combat the problem that we are currently facing in this time and age! We also hope that you yourself can come up with something brilliant such as these!

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