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Giveaway Announcement - GRAND WINNER (06/30/2016)

Giveaway June Giveaway

Week 5 - 06/30/2016 - (THUR)

1 x 100 Pack Buddy Bags
1 x Box of 100 Black Lightning Gloves Size L
1 x The Trim Tray (150 Micron)
1 x Active Air Hygro-Thermometer
1 x Active Eye Microscope 100x
1 x Stack!T Drying Rack w/Zipper, 2 ft
1 x Corona Classic Cut Bypass Pruner, 3/4"
2 x Hydrofarm Bonsai Shears
2 x Hydrofarm Precision Titanium Pruners
5 x Boveda 2-Way 62 RH Humidity Control 60 Grams 
5 x Integra Boost 55 RH Humidicant 67 Grams

Thank you everyone for your participation for the past 1 month!  It has been great to see the enthusiasm that everyone has to offer when it comes to building a growing community.  

After the collection of all giveaway participants and countless hours of punching them into the randomizer software, our team has finally chosen the winner.  

Congratulations to @Divine_Design_Gardens (Instagram) 

Have pride in what you grow and have confidence by harvesting effectively.  This is what we believe as well. 

Once again, thank you very much for your support.  Stay tune to our upcoming October Giveaway!  More exciting gifts awaiting you!

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