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Greener Way Of Growing

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The issue on the environment is an inconvenient truth but a truth nonetheless. Being eco-friendly can be really tough but we all know that we have to do our part in saving our environment and in giving back to Mother Nature. The marijuana industry, being recently under the limelight, is sort of “under fire” when it comes to being green. We know what you’re thinking, “But isn’t cannabis a plant? Doesn’t that even help the environment instead of destroying it?”. Well, while some part of that statement may be true, a lot of it is still causing problems to the environment. From the energy consumption to the destruction of fields, watersheds, and the local wildlife species, most of these problems often comes from the process of growing cannabis.

As a grower and as an habitant of the Earth, we should be concerned and be at least well informed on the ways on how we can be eco-friendly when growing marijuana. There are quite a bit of way on how we can contribute to the war effort on pollution as it could come from anything in the form of being energy efficient to using organic ingredients. If you want to know more about how we can help Mother Nature then keep on reading!
Even though that marijuana is often associated with the earth, the process of growing it involves a lot of products that may not be suitable for the environment. It’s really all about convenience since the process of growing marijuana can be tedious, growers often opt to go to routes that are aimed at giving the most yield whilst totally forgetting about the long-term effects of it. For example, rock wool, a medium that’s quite popular among growers for its benefits compared to soil, cannot be recycled. Another example would be pesticides that contain harmful chemicals to the environment is being distributed among growers because it’s cheaper. There are many ways that we are actually harming the environment without us knowing!

So what can we do? Good question! Here’s a short list of what we can do to reduce the negative environmental impact of cannabis as an industry:

1. Outdoor Growing
Going all-natural can be beneficial to the environment as we get to avoid using lights (and other equipment) that are inefficient energy users. If you’re worried about the taste, we’re happy to tell you that a well-maintained plant can actually be as good as any indoor ones! However, as stated above, growing outdoors should be avoided if it leads to destruction to certain things such as forests, watersheds, and even the local wildlife.

2. Use Organic Products
Using organic products will not only be healthier for your plants, it will also be healthier for the earth. A lot of commercially available products are actually made from organic materials, you should check out the next time you decide to get some!

3. Avoid Plastic
As we all know, there are still a lot of plastics that are very destructive to the environment. We should try to avoid using plastic when it comes to packaging our products. Glass is actually the recommended packaging material as it can be recycled easily.

4. Use Eco-friendly Equipment
If you still opt to grow indoors (perfectly understandable, by the way), be sure to check out how eco-friendly your equipment is. For example, in grow lights, there are actually products that are commercially sold that reduces the energy consumption up to half of some commonly used ones!

These are some of the things that we can do in helping out the environment while still growing our plants. We know that it may seem limited, but there are certain obstacles that the industry is currently facing which prevents us from doing more.This means that, technically, it’s not totally our fault. A prime example of this hurdle is the legal status of marijuana. Since marijuana is not totally legal in most of the remaining states, research is very limited which affects the commercial products that we have today. Additionally, electrical companies tend to stay away from the marijuana industry mainly because of the stigma that cannabis brings about. With these, you can see that it’s quite difficult to put a lid on the whole situation but this should not mean that we should neglect our duty to our planet!

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