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Growing Plants According to the Moon

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Did you know that growing plants depending on the position of the moon are a farming tradition? Do not be fooled, however, the reason behind this is actually scientific rather than pure superstition! Some would even say that this should be the natural way of planting things; it’s supposed to be the way how Mother Nature planned it. Planting plants depending on the position of the moon actually, helps the plant grow better and stronger which in turn gives out a better yield than a plant that is grown not with accordance to the moon.

As we all know, the positioning of the moon affects the gravitational pull of the moon. It actually heavily affects a number of things here on earth. For example, the ebb and flow of the ocean and other bodies of water is heavily affected by the gravitational pull of the moon. Because of this, the lives of some plants here on earth are actually affected. As the moon appears to be bigger to us, the gravitational pull upwards is stronger. This phenomenon (especially during a full moon) then pulls the water from the depths of the earth upward which means our plants get more water and nutrients naturally. It is also during this time where the moisture level of the soil and the plants around it is actually at its highest. Another thing interesting to note is that according to studies, seeds actually absorbs more water during a full moon. Since the water is pulled upwards, plants that are planted on the ground benefits the most.

Now, as the moon progresses through its cycle, the moon will soon appear smaller and smaller until there is this phenomenon we call ‘new moon’. During this time, there will be total darkness from the moon which means the water inside the earth is pushed away from the ground. This would mean that root vegetables and root crops benefit the most since the water can be found deeper.

The moon has a total of four quarters. The first two occurs during the increasing or waxing light which is between the new and full moon. The third and fourth quarter then happens right after a full moon. It is during this time wherein the light is decreasing or is waning. In general, if you’re planning to plant new seeds, it’s wise to do it during the first two-quarters up to the full moon. Inversely, pruning and harvesting your crops are best done during the last two-quarters. To be more precise, however, pruning is best done during the 3rd quarter while harvesting (including cultivating, transplanting etc.) and resting is best done during the 4th or last quarter. Additionally, if you want to stun the growth of some plants, doing so during the 3rd and 4th quarter will be the best option.

Well, there you have it. The positioning of the moon actually affects our plants more than we think. Understanding the positioning of the moon and what it does to the earth can help us in growing the best type of outdoor plants. Be sure to keep this information in mind for the next moon cycle!

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