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Holiday Feature -Turkey Bag of the Year

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Literally harvesting the fruits of your labor is definitely the climax of any grow story may it be yours, your friend’s or your neighbors’. After all the hard work from taking care of a fragile seedling to a full grown beauty, it’s about time you get your reward. With that said, even with the holidays coming up, this is no time to relax just yet, as you still have quite a lot on your plate!

After painstakingly snipping the buds and shaving the leaves, you need to store the beauty’s in secure places. Take heed, did you know that a lot of novice growers actually makes the deadly mistake of neglecting the storage process of these delicate herbs? If not taken seriously, your buds will be worth kaput in literally days. Seasoned growers actually emphasize this step as equally important as the actual growing of the plant! Needless to say, the storage process should definitely be part of your to-do list and is incredibly important. If you are uncertain about what to use for the storage process, then you’re in luck because Buddy Bags is here to help!

First things first, you will need to store them in dark, and cool location. Cabinets or empty rooms without windows are great examples. The area will also need to be accessible regularly as you will need to burp them sometimes. Store them in places where direct heat is absent as direct heat will turn THC into CBD in no time.

From glass mason jars to metal containers, there are a plethora of ways of store your herbs but only a few are effective. Needless to say, the container that you will need to use will need to be completely airtight. Common storage units come in the form of glass mason jars, but the problem with these is that they are quite fragile. Drop them once, it breaks completely or creates a crack which may mean that it’s no longer airtight and if the glass is clear, sunlight can pass through them and burn your buds. Both big no-no.

A good alternative to your storage need is C-Vaults. C-Vaults are stainless steel airtight containers that are specially made for the storage process of your buds. Not only is it quite sturdy, it is designed to maintain a constant humidity inside for your buds which is very important in the curing process. Being airtight and made from stainless steel, it will also not allow any light in which means your buds are safe from the sun or any light source. C-Vaults are also used in storing and curing big batches. Instead of individually placing them in smaller containers, there are different sizes of C-Vault that can be used depending on the size of your harvest.

Another alternative is Buddy Bags’ Turkey Bags. Arguably the best one to use for personal storage, these multipurpose turkey bags are made to store all your treasures. Buddy Bags’ Turkey Bags are definitely one of the best when it comes to storing anything of worth. They are made from thin yet very dense food-grade material quality nylon and is capable of holding up to 25 pounds of liquid weight making them very ideal in any situation. For your buds, these bags will contain any odor and moisture inside which keeps your buds snug and healthy. It’s also pierce/puncture proof which keeps your buds extra safe from anything that can pierce it. It comes in different sizes, can be used repeatedly, and is very convenient and flexible. To control the temperature and humidity inside better, some opt to use these bags together with Boveda humidity packs. These humidity packs will surely help in keeping the goods safe, snug and dry! Indeed Buddy Bags’ Turkey Bags will definitely deliver in the storing process of your buds.

Since the holiday season is just around the corner, Buddy Bags’ Turkey Bags can actually be the go-to gifts for everyone! According to and, these bags can store virtually anything and are definitely “gift -worthy”.

Remember, the storage process is just as important as the actual growing process. Neglect it and it will drain all your hard work. Get yours today or be thoughtful and help someone out with their storage process with these suggestions!

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