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Boost Up The Trichomes Ripeness

Gardening Tips

What could be better than a properly grown herb with luscious cloud-like trichomes? Nothing, that’s what! An expertly created herb with a fantastic set of trichomes is definitely a delight for anyone and knowing how to do so is surely something! Interestingly to note, creating that cloud-like trichome on a plant is achievable! The basic idea that surrounds this concept is to increase the production of trichome on a plant.  

Before anything, the first important thing to consider is genetics. There are certain genotypes of cannabis that naturally gives out higher concentrations of trichomes compared to others. A solid foundation for a high trichome leveled herb heavily relies on this. Breeding from a clone through asexual propagation is possible and the first step is to look for a stable mother plant. Once there is an available mother plant, taking a cutting from it can be used to clone a plant that has a naturally high concentration of trichomes.

After genetics, the next important thing to consider is the actual grow space of the plant. Having a plant that is genetically superior to others when it comes to the concentration of trichome is not enough; you will need to care for it and give it a home that is conducive for growth. The environment of the plant during its growth (especially during the bloom stage!) will determine the cannabinoid and terpene production of the plant. Light, nutrients, watering cycles, humidity, temperature, and airflow all plays an important role in the plant in the grow space which will also determine the resin production of the plant. Focusing on creating a great environment is very crucial.

Needless to say, knowing the property of trichome is important and one of its property is that it breaks very easily. Any physical interaction with the trichome can make it pop and burst, so limiting this is also crucial. Any agitation can damage these trichomes so avoiding unnecessary ones is important. During the bloom stage, you should consider the things that you need to do so that you can minimize the physical contact.

Another property of trichome is that heat can destroy it just like any physical contact. Keeping the temperature low and cool will definitely help the resin production of the plant. A way to tell if it’s too hot is smelling the damage. If it’s too hot, some of the trichomes will pop and produce a smell.

Harvesting the right time is the last thing that you can do to increase the trichomes of the plant. In general, the proper time of harvest is in the last stages of the bloom cycle. During this time, the color of the trichome is going to change. Using a magnifier can help in determining the change in hue. When the trichome is clear and/or translucent, they are still NOT ripe for the picking. Once they turn milky white, it’s starting to enter the proper harvest time. Now, if you observe that the color of the trichome change from white to an amber hue, then it’s most certainly the best time to harvest the plant.

Doing all these should increase your chances in producing a plant that has the high concentration of trichome and has a high level of resin production. If you want to have a higher quality of your buds, this method should definitely be considered!

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