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Store and Preserve with Buddy Bags

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After all your hard work and solid patience in growing your precious buds and harvesting them when ready, you’re finally ready to cure and store them! Not only will doing so preserve the flavor that is very much desired, it will also extend its life which can save you a lot of money! If you did not know, one of the best ways to save money and having a constant supply at the same time is to buy in bulk. However, if you purchase from a dispensary or directly from a grower, they are typically packaged together with a plastic container. In order to achieve some sort of money and product saves, you will need to store them properly! If you’re interested, you should continue reading as we will give suggestions and the reason behind it!
Invest in high-quality airtight storage units
Investing in quality airtight storage units can be a very good investment as it can save you a lot of money if done right. The popular choice for this is glass mason jars as they’re pretty accessible and relatively cheap. A problem about this though is that it’s made with glass which means it has a fragile nature. Dropping a jar filled with your buds can be very painful and is definitely a waste. Having multiple jars also poses a risk as the possibility of an accident of them hitting each other and breaking is present. Another downside is that your buds can be sensitive to light especially if they are newly cured, this means that clear mason jars can allow too much light which damages the buds. A solution to this is to have a tinted jar; a green or blue one can do nicely.
If you have the budget to invest on better, more durable airtight storage units, you can invest on C-Vaults. C-Vaults are stainless steel airtight containers that are specifically created for curing and storing buds. They are designed in a way that the container itself maintains constant humidity for the buds inside it which is crucial to the curing process. They also come in different sizes! Investing your money on high-quality airtight jars such as C-Vaults should be able to prolong the life of your buds quite nicely and efficiently.
NOTE: Burping (or opening to release moisture and to change the air inside) is still an important practice. You should open whichever container you are going to use for about 10 minutes every 24-36 hours.
TIP: You can use two different containers: one for personal use, and another for long term use. Doing so will allow the buds inside the long term container to be exposed to air LESS compared to the one you open every day
Having a dark and cool location for storage
As stated above, light can damage the buds inside when they are stored and cured. Having a dark and cool storage location will definitely help out in keeping the bud fresh. When choosing a location, make sure that it is accessible to you as you will need to burp them. Additionally, direct sunlight is a big no-no, so make sure there is no chance that sunlight can come into play. A typical closet or cabinet can be used as your storage area.
NOTE: Heat can turn the precious THC into CBD, so make sure that the place is away from any heat source. Sunlight will also slowly burn the leaves of the bud which turn the green color to brown.
Humidity packs
Humidity packs are great for your long term storage as they can prevent your buds from completely drying out. Boveda humidity packs are actually specifically for C-Vaults but they can be used in any container. Integra Boost is another kind of humidity pack that can be used to maintain constant humidity levels. If you’re low on budget, a simple DIY solution is placing a damp paper towel contained in a turkey bag. Leave a small opening on the bag and then place it inside the container than contains the buds. The bag should be left there for no longer than 3 days.
NOTE: When using the DIY method, make sure that the hole is facing upwards as to prevent a leak from happening.

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