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Maintaining Proper Humidity inside Containers

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Maintaining Proper Humidity 

When you grow your products, you would want to keep them fresh for as long as you can. Buddy bags have been in use for a while to keep products fresh, which has been quite effective. The Turkey oven bags can be used for various functions like storing your harvest and extending the shelf life of your produce. If you have been having problems with odor when you store your harvest, you should use Turkey oven bags, with this technology to eliminate the odor, without compromising the quality of your produce. This is made possible by ensuring relative humidity is maintained within the storage containers.

Understanding the Boveda Technology

Unlike other products that are 1 way, this is a 2-way humidity pack and has a patent to this effect. When you have your herbs stored in Turkey oven bags, it will add or remove the moisture and ensure that the correct relative humidity is maintained. You can choose 62% or 58% relative humidity (RH), depending on your needs, since there are different RH levels available.

The technology will emit purified water vapor, and the main advantage is that you do not need to refill or maintain it. It is important to note this is the only authentic 2-way humidity pack available on the market. This will work with the Turkey bags and provide the right optimization conditions of efficacy and flavor.

Storage Options

If you have products that need to retain a specific RH level like 58% or 62 % Relative Humidity (RH) to remain fresh, then you should use Boveda to achieve this. This is one of the main reasons why it has become the preferred technology for personal storage as well as in other sectors like dispensaries who want to keep products in perfect conditions and quality.

Enhance your Storage

Boveda is known to be effective on their own. However, you can enhance its effectiveness using Turkey oven bags. With this combination, you will retain the original quality and flavor of all the herbs that you may want to preserve. The freshness will be retained, and anytime you need to use your herbs; they will be as good as they have come from the garden. Buddy bags are quite useful since they are made from food grade material and are sealable. The bags will prevent any contamination to the herbs that are stored.

If you have been using other storage options for your harvest, you should consider using Turkey oven bags and this technology for the best storage solutions. With this combination, you will not have to worry about the freshness or flavor of your harvest being affected. You will find your produce as fresh as you kept it.

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