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Microsoft Joins The Cannabis Market

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As we all know, marijuana, cannabis, weed and everything that is associated with it is fairly new to the whole business scene. With just a few states who allow the usage of marijuana, the plant and the industry itself are still quite young, so to speak. However, even though it’s still in its early stages, some major companies have already taken an interest in it. With decisions like these, we can actually somewhat foretell what can happen to a specific industry.

You can immediately tell that marijuana and its industry has the capacity to be serious business, especially when Microsoft takes matters into their own hands. They stroked a deal with Kind Financial, a start-up company that utilizes the cloud service technology, to track down legal sales of the plant. As you may imagine, this act is somewhat controversial because marijuana has not yet been legalized in most states in the United States of America;a person can get a fine or even be jailed if he/she is caught having marijuana in some states like California!

Kind Financial is a company based in California that sells marijuana tracking software to businesses and governments. Microsoft and its extensive technology could be used by Kind Financial to strengthen their product. They could actually use Microsoft’s government cloud to generate better and more accurate reads in knowing the whereabouts of the legal marijuana sales. According to Microsoft, Kind Financial’s industry positioning, expert members, and technology coincide with Microsoft’s which easily made their decision on working together. They both look forward to working together when it comes to regulating cannabis sales and to check their compliance with each state laws.

So what does this piece of news tells us? We’ll we don’t think that Microsoft is against the idea of the legalization of marijuana. In fact, aside from rumors surrounding Bill Gates using marijuana himself, Microsoft actually backed up the legalization of cannabis/marijuana back when Washington was still pushing the idea. So no, we don’t think that Microsoft is against the plant. Instead, this can actually be a strategy for the giant company to oversee the overall marijuana industry. With being able to track down the legal sales, they can supply themselves information about the industry and how fast it can grow especially when some states and some countries are thinking of the idea of legalization of marijuana. Additionally, this could also be another strategy that Microsoft can use to watch over start-ups that focus on cloud technology and the security of a certain industry.

To sum things up, Microsoft’s decision in investing in the marijuana or cannabis industry tells us that the plant is a definite contender in the near future. Their decision to track down legal sales of cannabis can foreshadow possible future events and trends which can be very useful to know especially if you have the capacity to take advantage of it. Marijuana is a serious business, and the decision of a multi-billion company can serve as proof of its seriousness.

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