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On the Legalization of Cannabis

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The legalization of cannabis will bring many changes and we should always be ready for it. We should leave no chances for it to catch us off-guard. As we all know, smoking cannabis can bring some sort of impairment to the user and we should always watch out for the sake of the person, ourselves, and other people around us.

According to statistics, there has been a huge increase in marijuana-related driving cases wherein the driver is caught driving under the influence (DUI). In Washington State, ever since cannabis became legal, one-third of thirteen thousand drivers have tested positive to marijuana content in their body while they are driving. It’s also quite similar to Denver. Ever since cannabis has been legal, there’s a huge increase in DUI cases involving marijuana. Around one-eighth of their driving population can be said to be under the influence of marijuana.

Aside from DUI’s and drivers, we can also feel the effects of the recreational use cannabis and THC even in the workplace! The use of marijuana in the workplace for recreational use will most probably increase and its impairment might bring negative effects on both the employer and the employee.

Don’t get us wrong, though. We’re not saying that the recreational use of marijuana is a terrible thing. We’re just trying to point out what is happening with it being legalized and we should do something about it if we don’t want any surprises. Granted that everyone gets affected differently (with some getting affected faster and loses it faster) and that the effects of marijuana don’t usually last as long as alcohol’s impairment, we still should be prepared.

Given the statistics that we are facing, enforcement officers have already taken some steps to it. They’re already being trained as to see if someone is affected by the effects of cannabis. This should not end here, though, we should also train ourselves to spot the effects on a person so that we can act accordingly. Fortunately, a company stationed in Vancouver have already been trying out a Breathalyzer for cannabis or marijuana. This can definitely help in determining the state of a person and to see the degree of the influence on that person.

As stated above, precautionary steps should be taken so that we can lessen the possible negative effects of the legalization of marijuana. Here are some of the things that you can do if you are in a workplace situation:

  1.       Create a drug policy which addresses any kind of impairment. It’s important that everyone is aware of this policy and its corresponding consequences.
  2.       Train supervisors or managers to spot anyone under the influence. If they do get to catch someone, they should be reminded of the policy that exists in the workplace. They should also focus more on the impairment itself and not the source.
  3.        Proper Screening for any medical reasons when it comes to certain kinds of prescription. 
  4.       Remind everyone the dangers of being under the influence in doing everyday things such as driving. A warning can actually help in preventing certain events.

Marijuana or Cannabis can definitely bring impairment to a person. With a possible legalization, we should always be prepared for what we can do to reduce possible devastating consequences wherever we are. Remember, safety first.


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