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Growing in urban places can call any grower to be creative when it comes to where they can grow their crops. Sometimes some ideas can get past us and a refresher course as to where a grower can grow their plants is always welcomed (we hope). Some of the places you may have already thought of placing some plants and this list might be the one thing that can push you to have those places converted to a growing space! If you’re one of those growers who seem unsure as to where he or she can grow their plants, then you should keep on reading as we will give some of the easiest and most convenient place to grow your precious plants or crops in!
1. Front Yards
For this one, we urge you to try going just out of your door. Do you see an open space? If so, then you can consider this first one on the list. Front yards can be great in growing plans as long as your local district allows you to do so. This means that before growing anything on your front porch, make sure that you are allowed to do so! Turn your unproductive land to a land that is filled with life! Front yards are great (if permitted, of course) to be turned into growing places as it will be very convenient for you as a grower as you only need to step outside your door to take care of your plants. Additionally, it can also function as a very beautiful decoration for your home. Being just outside your doorstep, your plants will also have the luxury of being NOT ignored as it’s very near your home and you will most probably encounter it and see anything that is wrong immediately. If you are not permitted to do so, an alternative is to make your front yard into a clover field which will definitely improve the soil and attract plenty of bees. In this case, shorter varieties of clover are created specifically for this purpose.
2. Balconies
Do you live in an urban space? More than a floor? Have a balcony to boot? Well, you’re in luck! Balconies, depending on their direction (in relative to the direction of the sun), can be a very good hotspot to grow plants in. Veggies such as tomatoes, beans and other popular grows are easily available to thrive in this kind of situations.
3. Extra Rooms
Guest bedrooms AKA extra rooms can be a great location for a grow space. With just a few medication, the whole area or even just a part of it can be turned into highly specialized rooms that can nurture growing plants. Additionally, cabinets or spare closets can also function as grow spaces as long as they can prove adequate space. With this, you are then restricted to indoor gardening which has a lot of benefits compared to outdoor ones. One benefit is that the environment inside an indoor garden can be heavily influenced by fans, ventilation systems, lights etc. which will ultimately increase the yield of any grower. If you do have a spare room, do consider turning it into a grow space!
4. Basements
The basement is more than just a storage room. Similar to an extra room, basements can function the same way; indoor growing is very possible as the environment can be taken care of with various tools. Additionally, basements usually have a lot of space which you can utilize for your plants. Very much like a cave, however, you will probably need to provide extra light and ventilation systems if you want your plants to thrive in it.
5. Fences/Walls
Ever heard of vertical gardening? Fences or walls are great spaces for you to grow plants vertically. Given that these walls o vertical beings have great sources of both Carbon dioxide and sunlight, these places pose a great opportunity for any grower. Just make sure to use vertical gardening tools to set the whole garden properly!
6. Pergolas
Patio roofs are also great growing spaces. With a very good source of light, pergolas are places that can be ideal for plants to grow in. In addition to it being very spacious, it can be very sturdy enough to grow huge fruits such as melons or squashes. Additionally, the foliage can be a great source for shade, especially during the summer season!.
7. Small bodies of water
Have a pool or a pond? Did you know that you can actually grow in these places? Granted that you really have to be ambitious for these places, it’s still very possible to grow in these areas. Aquaponics are probably the best way to use these spaces as they take advantage of the available body of water nearby.
8. Rooftops
Very similar to balconies, rooftops are pretty great in growing plants as they are able to acquire good amounts of light and carbon dioxide. In this time and age, “green buildings” are somewhat becoming common which is great for rooftop growing!
9. Offices
Work in an office 24/7? Why not make it more interesting by planting your own kind of plant? Granted that you’re allowed to do so, not only will it make your job less “boring” (if ever it was, by the way!), you also get the benefit of the plant come harvest time. Additionally, office plants tend to make the air quite neater and taking care of these plants can give you some sort of a personal thing when it comes to your job which makes the whole job less boring in a way.
Plants are very flexible creatures. Imagination is key to being able to create a new living space for your plants. Not only can they make your chosen location be a bit more pretty, they can also bring about produce that can be very useful to any urban dwellers!

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