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Steps for a Bountiful Bloom

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The Blooming stage of the plant is very crucial part of the development of the plant as it can determine a do or die for your crops’ overall yield in the end. Naturally, as a grower, this stage can be quite satisfying especially if your efforts pays off. Better harvests, in the end, is always desired by any grower and to do so, the grower should do things for the plant during the blooming stage correctly and precisely. If you’re interested in knowing the step-by-step process then continue reading!

Congratulations! By reading the next few lines you have already done your plants (and ultimately, yourself) a huge favor especially if you’re not very sure about the whole process during the blooming stage.

1st step: Call the Clean-up Crew

The first thing to do is to make sure to sweep or clean the grow space of anything that can hinder the growth of the plant. The first stages of the plant are quite important as well as it is essentially the foundation of the plant as it grows bigger. Removing possible pest infestations by removing anything that can attract them is one of the steps in this particular step. Another part of this step is making sure that the environment is suitable for growth. This would mean that the plant gets a good source of light and water. This will make the plants stronger and heal faster if ever they experience any sort of damage whatsoever.

2nd step: Lights Lights Baby!

The 2nd step is to make sure that your plant gets the right amount of light. Aside from making sure that the plant gets hit by the light, make sure that the plant gets the right amount of light. Understanding the levels of light needed by the plant at a certain point will definitely help you and your plant!

3rd step: Temperature Check!

Keeping the plants snug and comfortable with the temperature is one of the key steps in creating a good harvest. Make sure that the temperature of the grow room is optimal at all times. If you’re using an indoor garden, do not allow the temperature to drop too low or to jump too high. Doing so will definitely affect the outcome!

4th step: Fertile Lands

The next step involves feeding the medium the necessary nutrients that it will need for the plants. Macronutrients such as Nitrogen and phosphorus are important parts for the medium but adding too little or too much on different plants can do either good or bad. This basically means that you will need to know the specific amount for your intended plant in your grow room!

5th step: Fool your Plants!

We don’t mean pulling a prank on your plants, by the way. What we do mean is to fool them by making the days shorter and the nights longer. This will trigger the flowering stage which can hasten the whole progress of your plants!

6th step: Remove the "Dead Weight"

This may sound harsh but there are parts of the plant that are strains energy from the plant that can be used for the growth of the whole plant. This process is called pruning, removing the budding sites that are sure to be deadweight is better for the plant in both the short run and the long run. Additionally, you can remove leaves and flowers from the bottom of the plant as they are also deadweight because certain things can’t get to them such as light.

7th step: Go Forth and Multiply

Multiplying the number of plants that you have will obviously create more blooms in the end. Given that this step can anchor on the resources available to a grower, this step is still one of the easiest steps to increase the blooms of your crop!

Following these steps can increase your overall yield in the end if done right. Remember, being well informed is priceless and can be one of the cheapest things to do to increase the overall yield of your crops! You should know your own plant and what it needs to really increase the outcome for a bountiful bloom.

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