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The Boveda RH Humidity Packs for Storing Cannabis

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For growers, dispensary owners, cannabis industry professionals, consumers and others who are conversant with cannabis, its longevity or expiration date has always been a primary source of concern. While there is no specific expiration date for cannabis, certain factors, such as temperature and humidity of storage, always have great effects on it. Therefore, attention must be given to these factors when storing cannabis to get the best out of the herb.

Generally, the relative humidity of the storage of cannabis plays a pivotal role in determining the impacts of contaminants like mildew on the herb. When stored at proper relative humidity, contaminants will be kept away from the cannabis and its expiration date will be extended. To this effect, Boveda recently patented a 2-way humidity control which is known to protect cannabis from being contaminated; hence, it can be kept safe for a long time. The production of the humidity control products from Boveda was brought about by the need to get proper storage for herbs, electronics, foods, wooden equipment and many other items.

Boveda, a Minneapolis-based company that was established in 1997, was contacted by cannabis cultivators, dispensary owners and other professionals in the cannabis industry to manufacture a product that can protect cannabis from being contaminated by air, and the results are the Boveda 58% and 62% RH humidity packs. Scientifically, the relative humidity between 59% and 63% relative humidity are recommended for keeping the quality of cannabis intact. Fortunately, the Boveda 58% and 62% RH humidity packs perform wonders in maintaining the quality of the cannabis stored with them.

Previously named Humidipak, Boveda has produced the perfect humidity control packs that will ensure consumers get the right and uncontaminated cannabis that is worth every penny spent on getting the herb. The Boveda 58% and 62% RH humidity packs make sure any of the herbs stored are kept at the perfect quality, even after a long while. With the aid of these Boveda 58% and 62% RH humidity packs, there is no doubt about the maintenance of the flavor, consistency, color and aroma of the cannabis stored. Apart from the maintenance of the features of cannabis, these Boveda 58% and 62% RH humidity packs also enhance them.

In addition to the maintenance and enhancement of the quality of cannabis, the Boveda 58% and 62% RH humidity packs also relieve cannabis providers and other cannabis industry professionals of the stress involved in the storage and maintenance of the standard of the herb. Using Boveda 58% and 62% RH humidity packs, cannabis providers only have to put the Boveda packs inside the container used for storing cannabis and everything is done. Furthermore, the time taken to carry out the storage of cannabis to prevent contamination will be greatly reduced.

Although the Boveda 58% and 62% RH humidity packs are mostly appreciated by cannabis providers, they are equally important to everyone in the cannabis industry. Even consumers are not exempted from the benefits of these packs as they can now get access to high-quality cannabis.

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