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The Drop of Medical Prescription Costs

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Prices of things continue to increase especially if there are fewer things we know about it. Research for that specific thing can cost a lot of top dollars and this is one of the reasons why prices of things continue to increase. Another reason why prices go up is the scarcity of the object, making it rarer which fetches it a higher price. This trend is friendly to no one; it will affect any product or good as long as there is a reason to increase its price.
Medicine and prescription drugs are also a part (or a victim) of this trend. The prices of prescription drugs in the United States is increasing as the time goes by and it affects us quite heavily, especially the older generation. Medicine is becoming more expensive as the value of money goes down while our knowledge on medicine stays the same. Do not fret, however, as this kind of sad news brings upon a very bright silver lining! What silver lining is that? Well, we’re glad you asked! It’s actually more of a green and leafy lining than a silver one and it’s something that you may not expect: marijuana.
Yes, that’s right! Marijuana! The legal kind. According to, the legalization of cannabis or marijuana is actually one of the main factors as to why the leading costs of prescription drugs to drop! A research by Health Affairs claims that the legalization of marijuana in many states actually decreased the cost of the Medicare Part D! The reason for this is that doctors can now recommend medical marijuana to treat certain symptoms such as anxiety, chronic pain, depression etc. It is an effective substitute for painkillers and antidepressants. Since the demand of those painkillers and antidepressants went down (because some patients choose medical marijuana instead), their prices went down as well. The legalization of the plant back in 2013 actually caused the Medicare cost to go down by up to $165 million! They’ve also given an estimate of the number if the legalization were to happen nationwide, an astonishing $470 million can be saved by making cannabis legal.
But that’s not all! One other reason as to why the legalization of marijuana will lower down the prices of other drugs is that research for cannabis is now well in motion compared as to when it was illegal. This has a great potential in discovering other capabilities of the plant which may replace a lot of other drugs that are currently in the market. Additionally, researchers are now able to see the interaction of the plant with other drugs which also has the potential to be a real game changer when it comes to lowering down the prices of medical care as a whole.
The future we are heading is certainly a lot greener, now that people are seeing the potential of cannabis and marijuana. Not only does it help you and me lower our costs when it comes to medical issues, it will also definitely help the economy and the future generations that will thrive in it!

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