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The Modern Way - Boveda and Turkey Bags

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Now, the first thing that you need to understand is that Boveda is currently the only true 2-way humidity control on the market. It goes perfectly with Turkey bags, and this is one of the main reason for which it’s overtaking the medicinal cannabis market with a blast. It manages to provide the perfect optimization in terms of efficacy, color, flavor as well as aroma while providing a distinctively cooler burn.

Boveda has also become particularly popular in a lot of different dispensaries, growing operations as well as for personal storage as you can easily store your cannabis for as much as you want to without worrying about deteriorated quality. And that’s the truth. Of course, there are things to be considered. For instance, as soon as you see that you can’t bend it in half it’s definitely time for a replacement. But unless that’s the case, you can keep your cannabis within it and keep it perfectly stored for as long as you want to. Boveda is also known to enhance the quality of the cannabis, and it’s the first time a solution provides you with the option to age your cannabis – just like you’d do with your cigar or wine, for instance.

Benefits to Consider

The Boveda 2-Way Humidity Pack obviously comes packed with quite a lot of features and benefits. Let’s take a look at the most notable ones of them.

  • It requires no maintenance. That’s true – Boveda requires absolutely no activation or refilling. All you need to do is place the pack right into your container and let the solution do its magic.
  • Multiple RH Levels – Boveda comes with 15 different RH levels. This means that you could easily modify the specifications of the cannabis as per your own personal preference.
  • The only 2-Way humidity pack. As the single 2-way humidity pack on the market, Boveda is going to emit purified water vapor, and it’s going to absorb the excess humidity if that’s necessary. Furthermore, its specific and characteristic design is going to ensure that the solution won’t over-humidify the cannabis, hence preventing any chance there is for mold to get developed.

Using the Boveda 2-Way Humidity Pack with Turkey Bags

Even though the pack is perfect on its own, it would be even better if you combine the usage with Turkey Bags. These are the most flawless and accessible solution if you want to ensure that the smells and flavors are perfectly preserved without the usage of any vacuum sealers. They are going to hold in the freshness properly which is going to ensure the overly beneficial properties of the cannabis.

Furthermore, Turkey Bags are generally made out of a thin, particularly high-dense food grade material. The bags are breathable, durable and sealable. They do not allow moisture to stack up and they keep the harvest fresh. The food grade material is also going to ensure the prevention of contamination while it can endure a range of -100 degrees to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

In any case, it goes without saying that the Boveda 2-Way Humidity Pack and Turkey Bags are without a doubt amongst the most comprehensive solutions on the market and it’s only logical that it grows in popularity. Using this ensures that there are no messes as well as absolutely no worries – all that is left is for you to enjoy your cannabis.



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