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The Tech Growth We See In Cannabis Industry

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If you think that cannabis plants can’t be any more high-tech and cool than they are right now, you’re quite mistaken my friend. We all know that the times right now are more futuristic looking; technology in everything and everywhere are being produced in order to make our lives more interesting. Well, the future is here ladies and gentlemen, and our precious cannabis is graced with really cool gadgets that make it even fresher than before! There exist technologies that help us with the usage of cannabis, the growing of cannabis and even the effects of cannabis! We know that you’re quite curious as to what they are so sure to keep on reading! We promise that it’s very well worth your time!
If you’re a grower yourself then you know all the technologies and techniques that are somewhat common (or uncommon if you’re fairly new) to the cannabis growers’ community but did you know that there are already high-tech gadgets to help us make them even better? Here’s a list of what they are!

1. Under-sink Reverse Osmosis Filtration System
This high-tech gizmo is somewhat already heard of especially the words “Reverse Osmosis” and “Filtration”. What this equipment does is that it removes 99% of the unwanted substances out of the water. This type of water is actually the best type that you can give to your plants together with the nutrients as it makes sure that it is not contaminated with anything that can harm your plant!

2. Gentex GXMT38 Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer
This, in essence, is a thermometer that uses lasers. To know the temperature of the surface of the plant or leaf, just simply aim and press and voila! This can also be used in measuring the exact temperature of the environment of the plant. This cool tech is the one to go to for the perfect climate control!

3. Smartphone Macro Lens
Everyone has a smartphone, but did you know that you can use it to help in growing your cannabis plant? Just get one of this macro lens then you have yourself a high-quality magnifying glass. Trying to check the trichome to see if it’s their time? No problem! With your smartphone and a macro lens, you can get down to microscopic level in no time!

4. Waterproof pH/TDS Combo Meter
Sure, pocket TDS/pH meters works well, but the Waterproof pH/TDS Combo Meter works even better! Not only is it waterproof, it ensures consistent readings every time! It can also come in with a warranty even though it’s very durable. Oh, and you can always call them for instant staff support!

Did we mention that there are other uses for your cannabis right? Granted that a bong and a light is enough, there are other new ways that you can use your cannabis! This new way actually comes from a pipe! The Quickdraw 300 DLX 3 in 1 Vaporizer is a cannabis pipe where you can choose what to use between dry herb, wax, or juice. The Butane Hash Oil (BHO) or dabs can also be heated on the metal surface which includes a torch.

The effects of cannabis are also made high-tech. We all know that we can always just search them online but there are actually Apps which helps us determine the best bud that we can use! The Pot Bot is an app in the App Store which helps you determine which marijuana strain is best depending on the health of the person. This helps in determining the proper cannabinoid levels/dosing and how much that person can consume. Neat huh? Additionally, there is also the “Marijuana Handbook” which gives the user a library of the different strains, a dictionary, a cookbook, and even a map for all your cannabis needs!

Needless to say, that technology also blessed our precious cannabis. No doubt that it will only be better in the future! It’s quite exciting really, and we hope that you’re as excited that we are!

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