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The Trusty ol’ Duct Tape

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Did you know that proper air circulation for plants is just as important as the lighting? Often overlooked, improper ventilation can be a real problem for any grower who neglects the air around the plant especially in an indoor, controlled growing space!
Plants that are grown outdoors are always exposed to a lot of air. This is one of the reasons why a lot of growers opt to grow plants indoors so that they can control the environment around the plant. Air circulation or how the air moves about in an area is one of the things that needs to be controlled.
So, why is it important to control the air? Well, harsh winds will definitely harm your plants in more ways than one. For example, outside air might be contaminated with pollutants or fungus such as powdery mildew. Aside from this, proper ventilation and air circulation can bring quite a lot of benefits for your plants. Constant airflow can remove excess moisture from the leaves which can help the plant avoid molds, gnats, pests and other unpleasant things! Additionally, a constant airflow can also help maintain proper heat distribution which will ultimately help in keeping away unwanted moisture.
In order to have a proper enclosure and a proper airflow for your plants, it’s important to seal them properly. One of the quickest and, at the same time, the most efficient and effective way is using Aluminum Duct Tape! This quick solution makes sure that your indoor grow room is properly sealed which keeps away from the air outside to go in and for the air inside to properly go through the ventilation set-up. Additionally, keeping the grow room sealed with duct tape will also help in increasing the yield of your crops!
Carbon dioxide or CO2, as you may know, is the type of air that the plant uses for photosynthesis. Sealing your grow room properly with the trusty duct tape will keep the CO2 inside which is good for the plants! This can actually increase your yields which you would probably like as a grower! According to studies, the typical outdoor CO2 level is around 300-400 parts per million. Did you know that your herbs actually need around 1,200-1,500 parts per million of CO2? Comparing this with the outdoor level of CO2, needless to say that there will be a problem. This is one of the reasons why sealing indoor grow rooms is important because a simple hole can mess up the CO2 level of the enclosure!
Aluminum duct tape can also be handy in sealing off the odor that your indoor grow room can create. Using duct tape to seal any holes or any opening will make sure that the odor stays inside. This simple ‘life hack’ can help any grower especially if they are trying to avoid the leakage of any unwanted smell!
To sum things up, air circulation is important and beneficial for your plants in your indoor grow room. Sealing them is also equally important because a simple leak will be enough to disrupt the flow that should be happening in the room. A quick, simple and cheap solution for this problem is to use aluminum duct tape! Additionally, using a duct tape to seal the enclosure can help in preventing the odor from escaping which can come in really handy!

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