Industry Standard Garden & Herbal Bags
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About us

Buddy Bags Company locates in the City of Walnut, just 25 miles east of the Los Angeles. Founded on the principles of providing top quality Multipurpose Harvest and Garden Bags and excellent customer support. Buddy Bags focuses on the best quality material and provides the most affordable pricing. Buddy Bags has developed the state-of-the-art multipurpose home and garden bags.

Buddy Bags values the relationship with every individual business who values sustainability and take part on bettering the gardening & horticultural community. Buddy Bags promotes the belief of growing a better and more helpful community for agriculturalist through great pricing and customer service. Buddy Bags is proud to provide exceptional products and service nationally. Your success is what makes us grow.

Quality and sustainability are our mission. That 's why Buddy Bags takes pride in producing from FDA-approved material, BPA-free materials, and all of our products are made in the USA. At Buddy Bags, health and safety requirements are not just a requirement but a guarantee. We are everyone's favorite trusted brand when it comes to indoor farming, harvesting plants or even sometimes even cooking!

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