Industry Standard Garden & Herbal Bags
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Buddy Bags are extremely useful in many ways. Learn more our durable, heavy duty, safe harvest ,& gardening bags!

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Are Buddy Bags smell-proof?

Buddy Bags shields odor and moisture while also keeping your herbs and harvest crop fresh. The high-quality FDA approved material, BPA free material prevents and aids goods from freezer burn, molds, germination and cross contamination. For best results, remove the excess air from the bag before tying.

How are Buddy Bags different?

Buddy Bags focuses on building a helpful community for the growing industry. Our products are Made in the USA with highest industry leading standard material, which does not contain allergen additives, heavy metal and BPA free.

Are Buddy Bags made from BPA-FREE (Bisphenol-A free) material?

Yes. All Buddy Bag product lines are completely BPA free, FDA approved material, Made in the USA and food-grade material.

How big are Buddy Bags?

Turkey Bags are 19" x 24.5"

What size meal can I cook in a Buddy Bag?

Turkey Bags are 19" x 24.5", for meals up to 25 lbs in liquid weight

How do I tie Buddy Bags for storage?

Gather the end of the bag together, twist slightly and tie it into the loop with the free bag ties included. Buddy Bags provides reusable zip-ties with every bag in every box. Follow our bag ties instruction online.

Really? Can I cook using Buddy Bags?

Most Definitely, our bags is safe in the oven up to 400 °F & Freezer safe to -100 °F. People uses Buddy bags in the kitchen for anything from prepping and baking, to freezing and preserving.

Will Buddy Bags melt?

Buddy Bags are designed for use in a conventional oven for temperatures up to 400 °F. Please follow instructions included in the package. Any misuse of the product may result in serious injury or property damage. Keep the bags away from kids(Suffocation Hazard), oven racks or any heating elements.

Where can I buy Buddy Bags?

Browse through our product page for our product listing. Feel free to contact us through our contact page for larger quantity inquiries.

What If I want to sell Buddy Bags in my store?

Interested in carrying Buddy Bags? We will be honored! Please contact us to receive the most competitive pricing and updates on our products! Simply contact us through our contact page and speak to one of our Buddy Bags representatives to discover the endless possibilities with us! Together, we may achieve more!